Kids bike

A child’s first bike is a major step-up in life for both the little ones and for the parents. That makes it all the more important that this decision is not made lightly. The first step to mobility and even a little bit of independence must first and foremost be accompanied by the necessary safety. The essential safety features of a youth bike are:

  • Non-slip pedals
  • Reflectors and cat’s eyes
  • Two independent brakes
  • Lighting front and back
  • Good audible bell

In addition to the safety aspect, the look of the bike should nevertheless not be neglected. Children often judge shapes, looks and colors differently than adults do, so it is recommended to include the wish of the child in the decision.

In creating the appropriate children’s bike for your customers, we are happy to help and advise. Under the Partner category you will find a selection of suppliers that we maintain long-term partnerships with.

The Professional

ATB Hardtail 24″, 21-Gear