Folding bike

Folding bikes are, as the name implies, bicycles that can be folded up. These are very appealing models in particular for commuters and holidaymakers. In just a few seconds, a fully functional bike turns into a handy piece of luggage.

The main distinguishing features of a folding bike are:

  • Small wheel size (between 20 and 24 inches)
  • Quick release for adjusting and folding handlebar and saddle
  • Folding frame
  • Can come with hub gear and dérailleur, but mostly without a front dérailleur in the dérailleur variant (simple crankset)

Those contemplating buying such a bike should first consider the purpose the folding bike will primarily be used for. If the bike is often carried, the weight should play a major role in the decision whether to buy. In general, it is advisable to choose a model that allows uncomplicated and fast disassembly.

In creating the appropriate folding bikes for your customers, we are happy to help and advise. Under the Partner category you will find a selection of suppliers that we maintain long-term partnerships with.

The Beginner

 Folding Bike 20″, 6-Gear