A very popular choice, especially among teenagers and young adults. A comfortable bike with a straight and back-friendly seating position combined with a classic, often plain design. ‘Dutch bikes’ come, as the name implies, originally from the Netherlands, but the appealing design has also made it a real big seller in other countries. The ‘nostalgia’ bikes are also becoming increasingly popular. Hardly any bike has such a recognition value as these two models.

The main distinguishing features of the Dutch and Nostalgia bicycles are:

  • Hub gear
  • Curved handlebar and upright seating position
  • Very common with a back-pedal brake
  • Chain case and rear wheel side cover (coat protector)

The design knows few limits. Harmonious color combinations of the components, such as the saddle, the handles and the coat protector can give the bike that certain something. In addition, different basket variants or transport boxes can be attached.

In creating the appropriate Dutch & Nostalgia bicycles for your customers, we are happy to help and advise. Under the Partner category you will find a selection of suppliers that we maintain long-term partnerships with.

The Stylish

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